Medical Products

A defective medical product can cause great problems in your life. They can impact your health and even cause untimely death. This is why you need a Los Angeles defective medical products attorney to make sure that you get the right representation, and the right compensation for your suffering. Proving that a protect is defective isn’t enough to win a claim, you also have to prove that it caused your suffering, injury or the death of the party represented.

What Is A Defective Medical Product?

A defective medical product can be as simple as a missing or defective tamper proof seal, or as complicated as an implant that proves to be the source of infection and inflammation. There are also many instances when medical assistance products – such as CPAP machines or other devices, may not function correctly and cause suffering to the victim.

In many cases, the problem is negligence on the part of the manufacturer or distributor. It may expand beyond that to include malpractice by the physician prescribing the device or the attendants charged with operating the device.