Medical products and Supplies

Hospitals are places that need to be prepared for anything that comes through the doors and that is why there are some key medical products and supplies that should never miss in these places ( These products help in providing effective and complete patient care. Below is a list of medical products and supplies that a hospital has.

  • Hospital stretchers

Stretchers are used for transporting patients especially when it is an emergency situation ( This is one product and supply a hospital should not miss since patients could make use of this.

  • Defibrillators

This is commonly used in situations that are life threatening. Situations such as cardiac arrhythmias and sometimes tachycardia require this product. It is used in restoring the normal heart rhythm. A hospital requires more than one for backup.

  • Anesthesia machines

These machines are designed for the purpose of providing accurate and continuous supply of medical gases. The gases help in maintaining the proper anesthesia level of patients. The modern machines of this type have additional tools such as patient monitoring devices, ventilator and a suction unit.

  • Patient monitors

Monitors are also important and a must have product for every health facility. This product is used to keep accurate track of the condition of a patient. It is commonly used after surgeries to keep the doctors updated of the health of a patient during and after the surgery. It is commonly used with adult, neonatal and pediatric patients.

  • Sterilizers

Sterilizers are also important in a hospital because they are used to kill different forms of microbial life ( These include spores, fungi, viruses, and bacteria. The sterilizers ensure that the surgical equipment and other medical tools are clean and free from any bacteria.

In conclusion, the above medical products and supplies are only a few of some of the necessary pieces of equipment a hospital should not do without. This is because keeping these products on hand is essential for the success of the operation of a hospital and health care services provided in the hospital.