Social Media

pinterest Sites such as Pinterest and Youtube are becoming more and more popular with companies, especially for reputation management. They provide a great way to show what their products can do, as well as to gather information on how potential customers plan on using that product. This is a great way to build a quick reputation before an actual campaign starts up, and can help give the marketing department a warning about unintended uses for the product. That can be a major advantage for the company, especially if the product may have controversial uses or uses that are illegal or may cause other reputation issues when it is released.

For a lot of companies, most of the comments and suggestions are pretty much par for the course with no major surprises; they can count on a wide variety of comments, but those comments usually fall within an expected range. They are looking for the comments that fall outside of their expectations, and how many; if too many of the remarks are unexpected it can be the cause for some last-minute meetings. In a lot of cases this means that the advertising will be updated, especially if there are a lot of great suggestions for alternate uses.

In some rare cases a product has actually been scrapped due to those comments as they suggested some uses that the company would prefer not be known about the product; the uses are usually illegal or best left un-described. Nonetheless, it can constitute a great pre-release advertising for the right products, and a lot of products have done great from the beginning due to the buzz generated by these “secret campaigns”.